A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Guide You Best

Depending on your situation you may require the services of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys to guide you through your bankruptcy situation. The services offered by our team at Dominic Majors will help you to identify and follow the best course of action when it comes to filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Why Chapter 7 you may ask? Well, there are a whole host of reasons that we recommend that you should most likely be asking a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney but one of the main reasons is that Chapter 7 is generally for individuals as opposed to corporations and organizations. Another way that filing under Chapter 7 differs from filing under another Chapter is that it involves the collection and sale of one’s assets, typically by a trustee who keeps a certain amount as their fee for conducting the collection and sale. To gain further insight on why you should file under Chapter 7 we suggest that you contact one of our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys at Dominic Majors who should be able to guide you best. After all it is always best to go to the source.