A Dog Bite Attorney Can Help You Make the Most of Your Misfortune

The CDC estimates that approximately 4.5 million people per year are bitten by dogs in the United States, with roughly 800,000 plus requiring medical attention. In the follow up to an attack by a dog it is of paramount importance that you seek medical attention and enlist the services of a specialist dog bite attorney to allow you to exercise your rights. Here at Dominic Majors our team of legal professionals and best dog bite attorney are well versed with the law and legal precedent pertaining to dog bites and their attacks and the course of action to pursue to ensure maximization of legal recompense from the offending party.  In most cases it is the dog owner’s insurance company that will be settling the claim and thus it is helpful and downright beneficial to have one of our best dog bite attorneys on your side to help negotiate an amount commensurate with the medical costs you will most likely have incurred in the dog bite attack. So, if ever you are the victim of a dog attack don’t worry, Dominic Majors dog bite attorney have your back and are here to help.