Slip and Fall Attorney

For those injuries sustained as the result of a fall you may require the services of a slip and fall attorney to ascertain if and how much compensation you may be eligible for under the law, depending on where and under what conditions the fall and resultant injury took place. If the fall took place due to hazardous circumstances then in that instance you may be entitled to compensation depending on where the fall took place. Depending on where the fall took place you may be able to seek compensation from the owner of said property or land by holding them legally responsible for the incident. To determine whether or not you qualify for compensation it is imperative that you have an experienced and well-versed slip and fall attorney who can adequately ascertain the situation. At Dominic Majors our team of slip and fall attorneys are experts in assessing how severe your fall is and the and determining the damages you are entitled to whether the fall was in a public commercial space or on private property. With our team you are in good hands and can rest easy in this knowledge.